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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

I want it all, if it's with you.

I want it all. The late conversations at night, the couple pictures, the Saturdays stuck at home watching movies, the cute texts wishing good night and good morning, the days just laying on your couch, making you smile, making you feel like you’re the only one. I want the hugs and kisses when I have a bad day, I want the ‘forevers’ written in our hands, right next to the day we started dating. I want the family jokes about our love, the summer evenings in the pool. I want to call you baby, I want to remind myself every morning how lucky I am just for having you, I want to tell you I’m always gonna be yours. I want the nights without sleeping talking to each other. I want to give you surprises, take you the places you less expect. I want the long letters filled with feelings, the jokes from our friends, the long walks holding your hand, the nights laying down in a blanket looking at the stars, the stupid fights without any reason, that then end with the most flawless and peaceful kiss. I want it everything, with you. 

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